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Here At Peak we believe each and every individual has the ability to create and shape their own destiny. Your future is in your hands! Every new client quickly understands that this fitness process is a journey. We are not a gym that uses gimmicks or as I would like to say the microwave tactic (easy quick success) to sell false and unrealistic promises to steal people’s money. Noting comes easy and the only way to get the results you desire is through discipline, hard work, and consistency. Our mission here is not only to motivate you but to ultimately help you discover and unleash that inner drive deep within you that will not only help you bring forth the physique you want, but also help you in every other aspect of your life as well. Question is will your actions line up with your goals? Let’s get to work!


“I love working out with Tebucky because he really brings the energy and pushes you physically and mentally. If your somebody that wants to be pushed to your limits. Peak Performance Training Studio is your place!”

Alisha, 25

Dental Hygienist


“I haven’t done any working out in about 15-20 years. I want to continue to live life and feel stronger in the morning. In one month, I feel remarkably stronger and that much better.”

Byrka, 70​

Director Labor Relations at Penske


“Bucky is an awesome human being. I enjoy our intense workout sessions and also like hanging out with him in general during our fitness routines. Great music as well!”

Jennifer, 40

Founder/CEO of Speedership Software Company


“Great workouts, never the same thing so it doesn’t get boring. Good motivational trainer that will push you without screaming at you or talking down to you. Strongly recommend “

Keith, 37

Owner of Mondo Pizza


“Tebucky makes you very comfortable, he meets you where you are at. This is especially important for someone like me and to people who have never trained before”

DR Simon Obas, 35



“Working out at Peak performance has helped me stay consistent. Training with Tebucky is not only physical, but he taps into your mental and really pushes and helps you grow. These workouts have helped me better myself in other aspects of my life to. Its like a domino effect “

Victor, 44

Director at KPMG International

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